[CentOS] opensource backup software suggestions please

Robert Hanson roberth at abbacomm.net
Fri Jun 3 15:15:40 UTC 2005

***Chris wrote...
-}I've found that backing up to another disk to be both faster and more
-}practical.  We've got a number of multi-terabyte RAID arrays to store
-}uncompressed video.  Backing all that data up to tape just isn't a
-}tenable solution.  So we've bitten the bullet and built an extra larger
-}multi-terabyte array to do online backups.  Periodically we do snapshots
-}of the data on that backup array (like you do on a netapp filer).  That
-}system works well for us.  It wouldn't cover us if the building burned
-}down so the next step is an offsite mirrored array.


for the list...

and since i believe that you have implemented this solution with CentOS
boxen... when you get a moment or five...

...would you mind detailing the "*simple* step by step basics" of what you
have done... detailing the processors, cards, and pertinent hardware names,
sizes, and speeds involved please?

and of course any special tricks you have done with your CentOS
install(s)... ;->


 - rh

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