[CentOS] A questiong about replacing my failing drive

Doug Eubanks doug at simflex.com
Sat Jun 11 17:08:56 UTC 2005

First, I am not a RedHat or linux newbie.  I simply have not had to do
what I am getting ready to do, and I want to see if I am going to run into
a problems...

My HDA drive is failing (I can hear the occasional click from it and I am
seeing Smart errors, the transfer rate is slow but all my data is there).

I have 3 partitions on it, the /, /boot/ and my game servers (this is also
the drive the bootloader is on).

Will this proceedure work ok to replace it with the minimum of

A>  Make bootable floppy
B>  Start in single user mode
C>  Create same partition structure on hew drive
D>  Move all files from old partitions to new partitions
E>  Switch drives
F>  Boot off floppy, mount, reinstall grub and boot manager on new drive
G>  Profit!

Any hangups or snags doing it this way?

Doug Eubanks
doug at simflex.com
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