[CentOS] Automated YUM update kills DNS

Tom admin at homemachine.net
Thu Jun 23 02:35:05 UTC 2005

remove pkg caching-nameserver then restore named.conf.rpmsave, restart bind

Jeff Lasman wrote:
> We've got several CentOS 3.x systems running DNS that we keep updated 
> automatically via YUM.
> Recently two of those systems (not all of them) when updating themselves 
> to the latest versions of BIND, automatically replaced  /etc/named.conf 
> with a new one and saved the old one as /etc/named.conf.rpmsave.
> Which of course broke DNS for those servers.
> All servers got updated, but only two of them did the rewrite.
> Any ideas as to why it might have happed, or how to make sure it doesn't 
> happen again?
> Hopefully nothing so simplistic as "exclude bind from auto updates" 
> though if that's the only answer, we'll take it.
> Thanks.
> Jeff

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