[CentOS] Postfix / Postini question

Barry Brimer barry.brimer at bigfoot.com
Wed Jun 29 14:47:04 UTC 2005

I have a mail server that handles several domains.  One of these domains has
decided to use Postini.  For those not familiar with Postini, you set your MX
records to use their mail servers.  They filter mail, and deliver you only the
clean virus/spam free mail.  The idea is to only allow incoming mail from their
mail servers so spammers are unable to send to your mail server directly.  This
is fairly simple to do with standard restriction classes for a dedicated mail
server.  I am not sure how to accomplish this on a shared mail server.  Ideally
I would like to instruct postfix to accept mail from anywhere for all domains
except one domain (the one using Postini) and only allow mail destined for that
specific domain to originate from Postini's mail servers.  Any ideas would be
greatly appreciated.


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