[CentOS] Centos 4.0 and Named

Wed Mar 30 14:54:22 UTC 2005
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

I am failing to get Named started.

I copied my named.custom and zone files to a diskette from my 3.3 build.

I installed 4.0 from scratch and did the updates.

I edited /etc/named.conf (which I realize is a link) to include named.custom

I cp named.custom into /etc (all of this was done while logged in as root)

When I try to start named from the services GUI (using GNOME) and I get 
this error:

named failed. The error was: Starting named: /etc/named.conf:67: open 
/etc/named.custom: file nto found
/etc/init.d/named: line 56: [: too many arguements [FAILED]

So what is wrong.  /etc/named.custom is there.  permissions look 
right.  All done as root.

Am I suppose to put named.custom in the croot area along with named.conf 
and set up a symbolic link (which I have forgotten how to do, as I haven't 
done it since '93)?