[CentOS] OK. time to make some contribution (centos4/ppc)

Thu Mar 31 15:49:10 UTC 2005
Karanbir Singh <Mail-Lists at karan.org>

Pasi Pirhonen wrote:
> Hi,
> Even now someone is actually installing (i see that from the ftp-server
> logs) the centos-4/ppc beta-version from announced place. 
> You people have to stand up and _TELL_ me what kind of hardware _IS_
> working, so we would know more than already know - 43p works.
> I can't believe that all those, who installs, does have 43p too?
> Please? Something, so if it's actually working on something else than
> already known 43p, we'd really like to hear about it. If it's not
> working, we'd still ike to hear about it as one can't fix anything not
> known to be broken.
> Someone something, so eventually there would be release?

Hi Pasi,

We should point out that this is a ppc32 compile for older RS6000's and
non Apple Mac based 32bit ppc hardware. And is a derevative build.

The CentOS4/ppc rebuild is going to be fully RHEL4 compatible with the
ppc64/ppc shared code base ( which works on Apple Mac's, pSeries and
iSeries ). But does not boot on rs6k machines - unless we drop the ppc64
patch on yaboot. And untill we can demonstrate that the patch is no
longer required on ppc64 h/w - I'm keeping it in.

- KB

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