[CentOS] Timezone Configuration

Grant McChesney

grantm at wingateweb.com
Thu May 19 22:54:21 UTC 2005

Make sure you have redhat-config-date installed, then run redhat- 

On May 19, 2005, at 4:51 PM, kracker wrote:

> Greetings All,
> How to does one go about reconfiguring centos's time zone
> configuration (to the eastern time zone (us)), via the command line?
> I have tested other GNU/Linux distribution's documentation, tools,
> files and relevant details with centos and have thus far been unable
> to find a compatible solution.
> My apologies if my question is very simple, I have done a fair amount
> of searching on the subject but have yet to find the command or text
> file which to use to achieve my goal. Also, I am using Centos 4 (C4)
> Respectfully,
> //kracker
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