[CentOS] Mail Server

ijez ijez at time.net.my
Wed Nov 2 04:16:27 UTC 2005


> I agree.  There is a working solution "right out of the box" with CentOS 
> with either Postfix or Sendmail.  I honestly don't understand why a 
> couple of folks keep mentioning DJB's software tools when people ask 
> about mail systems for CentOS.  There is a reason those tools are not 
> included with the distro.  Ijez, if you want to email me offline, I'll 
> try to help get you up and running.
> Cheers,

I'm currently out of office for a couple of weeks.. thanks for your willing to give a hand. I'll try to contact you ones I back at works :)

Thanks In Advances,


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