[CentOS] firewall dilemma

Jim Bartus jbartus at advance.net
Wed Nov 2 16:23:07 UTC 2005

JC wrote:
  > For example: I have web server (used internal ip behind the
> firewall, internal network can access this web server with 
>, but they can't access http://www.mydomain.com.  Assume 
> that I have static IP (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) maps to and dns record 
> www.mydomain.com points to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
> What I want is to allow users inside the network be able to access 
> http://www.mydomain.com instead of
> Here is my question:
> should I change the rule of the firewall?  If so, is there a security risk?

What kind of firewall?  You should be able to add a simple rule that 
permits incoming traffic from your non-NAT'd IP range.  Is your firewall 
also your gateway/router or is there a separate device?  Where is the 
NAT occurring?


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