[CentOS] Install from CD bug

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Thu Nov 3 03:00:34 UTC 2005

I commented on this a few posts back, but thought it was perhaps a fluke 
of mine, but I'm not so sure now.  Tonight, I tried without success to 
install the mysql package from the 4.1 CD's and I got the same non-event 
as before.  After selecting the package with "add/remove software", I 
checked the mysql box, then added the server and perl modules to 
complete things.  The CD was in the tray, but tray was open.  When 
prompted, I clicked OK, the tray inserted, and the drive spun up, but 
nothing happened.   I briefly saw the CD appear on the desktop, then 
disappear, which it did before.  I know its mounted, as when I open the 
icon for computer, and select the CD-RW drive, the file list pops into 

Is this something that occured due to the 4.2 update, or should I be 
still able to install software from the CD using the add/remove tool?  
Pkg add jumps right open when I manually clicked on the mysql package in 
the rpm list, so I know that part is working.  Any way to debug this 
problem, as there are times when I'd like to be able to install straight 
from the CD vs. a yum install (like when Dag's repo is down as it is now)



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