[CentOS] A BIG Thank You

Pasi Pirhonen upi at iki.fi
Thu Nov 3 07:18:29 UTC 2005


On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 10:59:09PM -0800, Robert wrote:
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> } Not much of a competition though ... Pasi always wins the update race :)
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> does Pasi have the fastest workstations and servers ??

Actually most likely not. All the ia64 updates are compiled on puny
1Ghz rx1600-boxes. s390(x) are done under emulator. alpha is maintained
normally on 266Mhz EV4 (== old and slow). the beta for sparc is now
sec.maintained on 500Mhz us-II (Netra X1) even tho it's in it's
beta-stages, so there are no announcements for that.

I am just dedicated for the work i do. I do make it priority to handle
security updates as those arrive. Same applies to quaterly updates. We
can pretty much guess beforehand the week those arrive and i am already
prepared to make those when those comes up.

Usually i do have all the beta stage compiled and sorted out already
and i just look what i need to compile and try to push out updates that
i already have. This helps specially the s390(x) archs which are under
emulator (== traclates to 48hish time to compile gcc again).

I know other people are pretty committed to this too. Specially i know
that Johnny too tends to 'just make time' to get quaterly updates out,
which is why we usually only have 'only few days round trip time' for
4.x quaterly updates. Karanbir usually just 'is available' too when
it's time to cruch something out.

Generally speaking. Sooner you make it, less prone the process is to
'oh! i forgot that again' mistakes. And when you get it out, you're
done with it. The time used for example rolling quaterly updates won't
change a bit when you delay it.

The above is not ment to say that only above people do work hard with
the project. We all do. There is so much happening 'behind the scenes'
which is not visible while it's all working. The amount of
installations are so big that out own ifra does need much work to be
able to push out all that what is needed. Most of people must have seen
those errors 'no more mirrors' like past month or so when we weren't
quite able to deliver what was demanded. That kind of issues makes a
lot of effort to be handled when you do try to keep some 400Mbit/s
sustained rate up to all over the world from non-centralized network
infra (hint: Gbit-connected host required :).

Above just being random thought coming out of my keyboard which is just
how i see it at this very moment.

Pasi Pirhonen - upi at iki.fi - http://iki.fi/upi/

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