[CentOS] CentOS for axp and sparc arch (info)

Pasi Pirhonen upi at iki.fi
Thu Nov 3 20:11:23 UTC 2005


I have initiated discussion about arch specific list at least twice
among out core people to no avail, so i did make something i can do
about it and created few list on host that i do admin myself.

The reason for this is that this list is far too high traffic for most
of discussion. I've personally received questions about arch specific
lists as this is just too high traffic and people has just unsubscribed
from this.


I don't make any promises about how long those lists are hosted, but i
try to keep those forever.

Hope this makes some progress on discussion about problems with
these 'out of mainstream' arches.

Pasi Pirhonen - upi at iki.fi - http://iki.fi/upi/

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