[CentOS] Sendmail

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Sat Nov 5 00:31:26 UTC 2005

Paul Heinlein wrote:

> In addition to Mike's answer about editing /etc/mail/sendmail.mc, it's 
> worthwhile mentioning netstat and lsof as general-purpose diagnostic 
> tools:
>   # to discover on what tcp ports we're listening
>   netstat -tl
>   # to discover to what ports sendmail is bound
>   lsof -iTCP -n | grep sendmail
> The output of these tools won't tell you how to fix the problem, but 
> they might give you a better glimpse into the problem's nature. In 
> this case, you'd have discovered that sendmail was only bound to the 
> loopback interface.
Thanks for the tip Paul... will make use of it when I bring it back up.


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