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Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Sat Nov 5 23:37:01 UTC 2005

Am So, den 06.11.2005 schrieb Sam Drinkard um 0:24:

> I just now tried that and it turned on port 25.  I was looking at that, 
> but did not want IPv6 support, so didn't enable it.  That really should 
> be documented somewhere in the docs.. AFIK, I sure didn't find it, and I 
> spent a good bit of time reading thru anything dealing with sysadmin.  
> It's rather misleading having the V6 option.  Things change from one 
> version of sendmail to the other.. never had this kind of problem with 
> all my BSD systems, and prior Linux installs..  Guess I just need to get 
> up to speed!

> Sam

Maybe I wasn't clear enough: You explicitly enabled the MSA with
authentication enforced and TLSMTA (SMTPS), so the MTA is disabled if
not explicitly instructed to run by a dedicated DAEMON_OPTIONS line. No,
that didn't change for a long time. To avoid a listener on an IPv6
enabled interface is a different matter. A the sendmail.mc in its
commented way shows, you can selective say whether to have an IPv4 MTA
listener or IPv6 one, or both. Btw. the default sendmail.mc shipping
with FreeBSD has those commented IP version splitted DAEMON_OPTIONS

More is explained in cf/README.


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