[CentOS] Hi Ignacio

Matt Hyclak hyclak at math.ohiou.edu
Sun Nov 6 14:36:25 UTC 2005

On Sun, Nov 06, 2005 at 11:24:32AM +0100, George Ginis enlightened us:
> apology for my English...
> my name is George Ginis...
> what you mean running/accessible via firewall and
> system-config-securitylevel? in XP or CentOS? and what is this?

By default, CentOS does not enable an ftp, telnet or rlogin server. In
addition, it also restricts connections to those ports in the firewall,
unless you changed that during install.

The best way to enable access to your machine is to run the
system-config-securitylevel command and allow connections to the SSH port. 

> the PuTTY I have in XP or in CentOS?

PuTTY is one example of an SSH client that runs on Windows. You can use this
program to connect to your CentOS machine (after you have done the above).


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