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Alexander Dalloz ad+lists at uni-x.org
Sun Nov 6 17:29:31 UTC 2005

Am So, den 06.11.2005 schrieb Sam Drinkard um 17:43:

> Actually, I discovered the cyrus-imapd /pop agent works without doing
> anything to it.  I figured at least it would have to be told
> something, but connecting to port 110 seems to bring it alive. 
> Whether or not it will actually work when thunderbird or evolution
> connects to it is yet to be seen!

Frankly, I am a bit astonished about that statement (Cyrus-IMAPd working
without any configuration steps). I explain that to me that you so far
didn't try to receive email from outside.
Be aware that Sendmail from default setup - what you pasted as your
sendmail.mc - will not hand over any incoming mail to Cyrus-IMAPd. This
is not because you would have made a setup mistake, but because you so
far didn't configure both to interact. Though you can contact your
IMAP/POP3 server with your mail client it is a dumb thing so far. Even
your mail client should tell you that there is no mailbox for the user
you are logging in with: because with Cyrus-IMAPd the administrator
(user cyrus) has to create each top-level mailbox (given you didn't
configure and enable the autocreate feature).


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