[CentOS] other repositories question

dan1 dan1 at edenpics.com
Mon Nov 7 14:10:06 UTC 2005

Hi, Johnny.

Thank you for that 'protect' tag explanation that seems to do exactly what I 

>That would be, in my opinion, a very good thing to have.  Or something
>like Repo pinning.  That does not exist in the default yum.
>Those things would bring their own problems, because there would be
>items in the Dag repo (let's say "package B" that REQUIRE a newer
>version of "package A" (which is contained in the CentOS repo).  This
>would cause a dependency problem if trying to install or upgrade
>"Package B".

Would this 'protect' tag solution also arise the same problem than described 
above ?

Also, does someone know where I could find a list of Dag's repo packages 
that are already present in the CentOS officials ?
If there are only a few ones there, then it might be ok to just add them to 
the repos list as I am doing now already.

Is a downgrade from one higher version package to a current CentOS package 
something doable? I am a bit affraid to do something like that and don't 
know how I would do it (it might influence other packages as well..)

Best regards,

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