[CentOS] [OT] Re: New Standard/Daylight time-change dates in rhel4u2 butnot centos4.2?

Peter Farrow peter at farrows.org
Tue Nov 8 00:39:55 UTC 2005

Yeah "Farrow" is English, from the south west at that originally..... 
(Bristol), not too far from Wales, interstingly, the toll bridge to get 
to Wales is only pay one way, thats to go from England to Wales,  I 
explain this by stating "There is no fee to enter the promised land"...


I am quite fortunate in having visited many many parts of the US for 
work and pleasure alike, the most amusing take on my "British Accent" 
was when I was asked which part of Canada I was from.

I do of course speak what could be referred to as "the Queens english" 
with a hint of West Country thrown in for good measure.


Although I most definitely do not sound like a pirate.... from the above 


The West Country accent is probably most identified in American English 
</wiki/American_English> as "pirate </wiki/Pirate> speech" -- 
cartoon-like "Ooh arr, me 'earties! Sploice the mainbrace!" talk is very 
similar. This may be a result of the strong seafaring </wiki/Seafaring> 
tradition of the West Country, both legal and outlaw. Edward Teach 
(Blackbeard </wiki/Blackbeard>) was a native of Bristol, and privateer 
</wiki/Privateer> and English hero Francis Drake </wiki/Francis_Drake> 
hailed from Tavistock </wiki/Tavistock> in Devon.

---my mother-in-law definitely does,  in fact my accent is such a 
non-accent I have actually had jobs reading the news on local BBC 
radio...- and trust me "you have to be bloody jolly british sounding" to 
be allowed do that.... ;-)

Another thing that makes me laugh is when Holywood  labels places in 
films as "London, England"....  that really is LOL... do you guys really 
need that?

Given the chance (again) to emigrate and go to the USA, I would of 
course jump at it,  anywhere that has such cheap gas and plentiful 
supply of V8 power automobiles is truly heaven on earth.

NTSC TV quality will take some getting used to though after BBC PAL & 
Terrestial RGB Digital Tv here....


Bryan J. Smith wrote:

>Peter Farrow <peter at farrows.org> wrote:
>>You didn't disappoint too much,
>I know all about Greenwich v. Paris.  ;->  Farrow sounded
>English, although I'm not up on all of the origins of various
>surnames in the Greater Commonwealth of the United Kingdom
>and his territories.
>E.g., and unlike most Americans, I don't call everything a
>"British accent."  I want to smack all my fellow Americans
>who say such to Australians and others.  Besides, despite
>never leaving the US, I pride myself on knowing differences
>between the main London, southern isle, Welch (oh God do I
>love women with such enchanting vocals ;-), Scottish and, the
>one most Americans can't stand, Manchester (although beyond
>those main ones, I can't tell much difference).
>>the term "UTC" always makes me chuckle,
>Well, there's a more technical reason as I pointed out.
>>and I always bait my friends across the water by pretending
>>not to know what it is....
>Sorry, not that clueless (despite never have left the US, nor
>seen even half of it).
>>The French originally wanted zero Longitude to be through
>>Paris,  but they changed in the end....
>>I think this actually answers it all.....
>>Long live GMT...
>Remember, it was our American President that forced the
>Which begs the question ...
>Is it all just results of American rise and influence?
>Or the greater British conspiracy spanning a half millenia to
>father, spurn then support a new nation to further it's
>agenda and economies using the same language?
>Many doubt this theory.  But unlike most Americans, I do not
>miss the subliminal but key fact that at the entrance of the
>main exhibit of the US National Archives where you can view
>the Declaration of Indepdenece and US Constitution, the
>British Magna Carta is prominently displayed as basically the
>key, pre-requisite document.
>And even before the French really got involved in our little,
>planned rebellon on our side of the world (away from the
>European theater that was there well before our conflict), we
>were negotiating a treaty with the British to end it.  That
>led the Spanards to push the French to retaliate to change
>the original terms of (what would be) the Treaty of Versai to
>make the Americans a colony of France.
>Oh there are so much that Americans know so little about!
>Shall I continue?  (yes, I know, I will off-list ;-)
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