[CentOS] Re: ATA-over-Ethernet v's iSCSI -- CORAID is NOT SAN , also check multi-target SAS

Bowie Bailey Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com
Tue Nov 8 15:11:42 UTC 2005

From: Bryan J. Smith [mailto:thebs413 at earthlink.net]
> CORAID will _refuse_ to allow anything to access to volume after one
> system mounts it.  It is not multi-targettable.  SCSI-2, iSCSI and
> FC/FC-AL are.  AoE is not.

As I understand it, Coraid will allow multiple machines to mount a
volume, it just doesn't handle the synchronization.  So you can have
more than one machine use it, you just need GFS to keep it

I am in the process of building a system like this.  I don't have both
hosts accessing the storage yet, but Coraid assures me that it is


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