[CentOS] compaq dl380 raid 5 striping size using built in scsicontrollers ??

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Wed Nov 9 15:31:47 UTC 2005

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} Robert wrote:
} >greetings
} >
} >pre centos install raid5 setup on a compaq dl380
} >
} >is asking for stripe size.
} >
} >16kb
} >32kb
} >64kb
} >
} >i am using one of the built in controllers and the machine has just a gig
} of
} >ram and 4 18.2 gig 10,000 rpm drives
} >
} >machine will be an email server with simple web hosting as well.
} >
} >suggestions?
} >
} >
} Moving around large files (like a streaming media or file server) will
} likely benefit from larger stripe sizes.  For an email server,
} increasing the size of the stripe over 16k probably isn't going to buy
} you much, if any, performance benefit.  The best way to tell is to
} actually test with your typical data pattern and system load to see
} which provides the best bang.  I'd probably go with 16kb in your
} situation unless you've got time to test and fiddle.
} Cheers,

thank you, i kinda figured that was about right yet wanted to consult the
wisdom on the list...

also, there is another place that allows one to change the sectors per track
size for "maximum boot size".... choices are 32 sectors per track or 63
sectors per track on this compaq dl380 with 4 18.2 gig 10k scsi drives in

i get the idea in terms of a simple ide workstation yet i have not the
practical experience with this specific machine with scsi and raid5 config.

suggestions please?


 - rh

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