[CentOS] Re: OpenFiler (and back on-topic) -- WAS: Filers, filesystems, etc.

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Nov 9 15:53:19 UTC 2005

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> OpenFiler2 based on CentOS4/lvm2 is due out before the end of this month.
> We are going to still support the CentOS3/Openfiler 1 series for a 
> while, SnapShots being an important factor.

because this got asked offlist, right away..... SnapShots on Lvm2 are 
still kinda broken - the results you achieve are never predicatable.

During LinuxWorld London, I spoke to agk about this issue - his response 
was 'Snapshots are high on the agenda for lvm2, will work soon'.

> - K
> PS: OpenFiler is my day job

Actually, its not entirely. I work for Xinit Systems, and they in turn 
sponsor the Openfiler project. Offshoot being that I get to spend 
daytime office hours working on OpenFiler.

Karanbir Singh : http://www.karan.org/ : 2522219 at icq

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