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Wed Nov 9 16:59:32 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 11:48 -0500, Sam Drinkard wrote:
> I am in need of the udunits and udunits-devel packages.  I know I 
> remember seeing the udunits package on the CD's but don't recall seeing 
> the udunits-devel.  Looking at the rpm-pbone.net, I only found versions 
> avilable for FC.  Would it break a bunch of stuff to install both 
> packages on a 4.1-i386 system ?  Also looked via yum, at Dag's 
> repository, and mirrors, but nothing shows up for it.  I'm still new 
> enough to CentOS to not know where and what I can install from other 
> versions without breaking things...

I would recommend that you NEVER install anything from another
distro ... as the shared libs are usually never the same.

You can get the packages in question from http://centos.karan.org/
compiled for CentOS-4.

specifically from here:


Johnny Hughes
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