[CentOS] USB Stick Install

Dan Pritts danno at internet2.edu
Wed Nov 9 20:11:45 UTC 2005

On Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 04:46:39PM +0100, James Pearson wrote:
> RedHat don't support installs on removable drives - see:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/anaconda-devel-list/2005-July/msg00021.html
> But, looking at the anaconda source - in partedUtils.py at around line 833:
>             if isys.driveIsRemovable(drive) and not flags.expert:
>                 DiskSet.skippedDisks.append(drive)
>                 continue
> So it looks like if you boot the installer with 'expert' on the command 
> line it may work.
> I've just tried this, I can get disk druid to see the USB drive - but I 
> did have to 'go back' and re-try disk druid before it found the USB 
> drive - I didn't get as far as installing (I don't have a 1GB USB 
> stick), but it may work...

An alternative to consider would be a compact flash card.  with the
right adapter these plug right in like an IDE disk.

I can't comment on the relative performance of this vs. a USB
stick, although i'd be interested if someone else knows.

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