[CentOS] Re: OpenFiler (and back on-topic) -- WAS: Filers, filesystems, etc.

Karanbir Singh Mail-Lists at karan.org
Wed Nov 9 21:28:14 UTC 2005

Josh Kelley wrote:
>>Snapshots are not included in the current LVM2, unlike LVM.
>>When Red Hat says they are good, they will be included in
>>their RHEL kernels.  Until then, avoid.  ;->
> I'm confused?
> Snapshots are enabled on my CentOS 4 boxes, and I've used them before
> in testing.  Those are using LVM2 and (mostly) RHEL kernels.  Unless
> I'm missing something...?

snapshots are available, but not supported - and the developers 
themselves say snapshots on lvm2 are broken.


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