[CentOS] Re: [OT] Corporate Firewall

Ugo Bellavance ugob at camo-route.com
Fri Nov 11 14:10:59 UTC 2005

Ajay Sharma wrote:
> Cameron Showalter wrote:
>> If failover is something you want/need, may I suggest pfsense... its 
>> m0n0 with carp.   quite cool, relatively easy to setup, and runs quite 
>> well on older hardware you may already have on a shelf gathering dust.
>> just my $0.02
> We were going down that road but I'm kinda shying away from it now since 
> their freshmeat page says it's in "alpha":
> http://freshmeat.net/projects/pfsense/
> I wouldn't mind switching it out, but it's making the guys upstairs 
> nervous.  :)

I'd strongly suggest m0n0wall if you can live without the failover.  If 
you can't buy a commercial solution.

> --Ajay

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