[CentOS] log file errors in "messages" on update -> 3.6

Ken Godee ken at perfect-image.com
Sun Nov 13 23:44:22 UTC 2005

I updated six severs this weekend to 3.6
and I am now getting some junk spewed into
the "messages" file on "all" six severs.
(Only on boot up)

There was none of this happing previously.

I attached a txt copy because the
encoding of my mailer doesn't like

Also noticed the spew looks simular
to the contents of the "initlog.conf"
file, attched also.

I'm guessing it's an upstream problem?
I also don't this is a big concern?

Any thoughts?
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# /etc/initlog.conf
# initlog configuration file
# lines preceded by a '#' are comments
# anything not recognized is ignored. :)

# This sets the default logging facility. (can override with command line arguments)
facility local7

# This sets the default logging priority. (can override with command line arguments)
priority notice

# ignore foo
# means to discard any output lines that match the regular expression foo

# This regexp is useful if you use fsck's -C option. 
ignore [^:]+: \|[=]+
# This regexp is useful for fsck's feature of setting file types
ignore [^:]+: Setting filetype
# This regexp is useful for quotacheck
ignore ^[-\\\|\/]$

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