[CentOS] Turning root partition into a RAID array **THEBACKGROUND**

Bryan J. Smith thebs413 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 16 11:38:52 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-16 at 07:41 +0000, Nigel kendrick wrote:
> That was considered at the time but we found that any combination of
> mirroring using the motherboard-based controller and the plugged in one
> wasn't stable (unbootable or soon locked-up) - the only way we could get
> mirroring to work was if both drives were on the 8212-based controller. 

In reading Cox's notes on the 8212 awhile back, I distinctly remember
that he did not have a lot of faith in using the 8212 as a "dumb" ATA
controller with 2 channels.  It's clearly rigged in hardware to always
be used as a hardware stripe/mirror logic.

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