[CentOS] Custom kernel RPM/SRPM

Hilliard, Jay Jay.Hilliard at disney.com
Thu Nov 17 17:41:59 UTC 2005

Connie Sieh wrote:
>>I currently have about 6 patches in the Enterprise kernel that are 
>>absolutely necessary, else I couldn't use it, so I disagree with the 
>>idea of "Don't do it"

The big one fixes an fcntl bug which makes the SMP kernel perform worse 
than a UP kernel on an SMP system. It's a serious bug and I believe it 
will be included in future kernels.

Another resolves the prio_tree bug which can hang a system under heavy load.

Others, that may not be that important to others:

- upgraded pwc camera driver
- upgraded wacom driver
- fix "make xconfig" on x86_64
- fix incorrect number of siblings reported in /proc/cpuinfo

I've applied these on kernels 2.6.9-11 up through 2.6.9-22.3

You may e-mail me directly if you're interested.


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