[CentOS] yum update - Glibc Problem

Lee W lee at unassemble.co.uk
Thu Nov 17 18:14:10 UTC 2005

Jim Perrin wrote:

>>Hi Jim,
>>It seems you are right:-
>>Installed Packages
>>glibc.i586                               2.3.4-2                installed
>>Available Packages
>>glibc.i386                               2.3.4-2.13             base
>>Is there a solution, or do I just have to wait until another updated
>>package is provided?
>You'll need to manually update the package with either the i386 or the
>i686 one. I don't think the upstream vendor's glibc package builds on
>i586 anymore.
>Jim Perrin
>System Architect - UIT
>Ft Gordon & US Army Signal Center
>CentOS mailing list
>CentOS at centos.org
Oh well, I'm trying an update with exactarch=0 to see if that works. 
Failing that I'll download the updated 4.2 ISO's and install from that.

If what you say is true, it is just another reason for me to be annoyed
with Red Hat at the moment.



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