[CentOS] Xhosts file

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Sun Nov 20 15:52:29 UTC 2005

Kevin Krieser wrote:

>By default, there isn't a file.  You can create it as root if desired.  (in
>/etc).  If I remember right, it should only be writable by root.
>Note, you can also create /etc/X1.hosts, /etc/X2.hosts, etc, if you desire
>to have multiple X servers running at any one time.
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>I posted a question a few days back to see if anyone could tell me where 
>the default X0.hosts file should/does reside.  Searching the system 
>turns up nothing, and did not find any info in any of the man pages, 
>other than it would reside in /etc, but doesn't.  Setting a host access 
>permission does not become permanent, and I'd really like to find out 
>where the thing should be so I can solve that little irritant.
Apparently something is unaware of the X0.hosts file created in /etc.  
I've added my hosts IAW the standard format, i.e., INET: xx.xx.xx.xx but 
it is not recognized.  Manually adding a host with the xhost + command 
does in fact create that host access, but as soon as X is restarted, it 
goes away.  Suggestions as to what next ?



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