[CentOS] [OT] DNSguruz pl help: whois structure, delegation & handling delegation with Tinydns.

Sanjay Arora sanjay.k.arora at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 09:04:49 UTC 2005


Sorry for posting to this list but could not find step by step
instructions anywhere nor get any concerned list to respond.

Newbie to DNS technicals but can work with instructions if given
in ./configure for complete idiots ;-)

1. I have taken a static IP from my ISP and the ISP has
put up an entry in APNIC whois (please check the same)...to me it seems
incomplete, as it does not give any contact information/tel/email for my
organization NOR any abuse email Id etc. On asking, the ISP simply told
me that nobody asks anything more in whois entry from them so I would
have to tell what I want of them.

Please advise what a standard whois reply should show for an
organisation and pointers to a RFC which guides the structure & field
names of a whois record.

2. Classless delegation...I want to setup my own primary DNS Server on
my DSL with secondary slave DNS servers on the net with DNS services
like zoneedit.com etc. Now, I want my ISP to delegate my IP so, I can
change my IP reverse DNS etc...(whenever I want instead of waiting for
my ISP which takes over a month & multiple contacts, letters & faxes).

Please advise what the ISP requires to do and what I require to do & in
what order. My ISP says that they will do whatever is possible but since
they have never had a query for delegation for a single IP, so they are
not sure.

Does the TinyDNS server have to be prepared in advance of the APNIC
delegation entry? Does the ISP have to create a account/ID with APNIC
for me? Please advise the generalised procedure & the steps sequence
wise to be taken to do this.

DNS Guruz please help...am desperate.

With regards.

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