[CentOS] server exercising, stressing, and/or testing

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Tue Nov 22 19:09:46 UTC 2005


would someone please point me to an excellent server exercising, stressing,
and/or testing program that will run on centos 4?

i want one that will not out and out destroy a machine so to speak...

...meaning testing is one thing, yet pounding a box in the hard drive
department over and above the cause or unnecessarily does not appeal to me.

fyi the box i want to test/stress this time is a compaq dl380 with 2 gig ram
and 4 drives in raid5 for simple internet services

thanks and kind regards,

 - rh

Robert Hanson - Abba Communications
   Computer & Internet Services
 (509) 624-7159 - www.abbacomm.net

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