[CentOS] dual head on laptop

Peter van Eck peter at vaneckonline.net
Wed Nov 23 08:01:42 UTC 2005

Rodrigo Barbosa wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 08:48:51PM -0700, Collins Richey wrote:
>> I, too, would love to know. I have an hp ze4630us laptop that is
>> less than useful due to this very problem. The laptop is dual
>> boot witn WinXP and CentOS4. When I connect the external port to
>> a projector and boot CentOS4, the image displays fine, but as
>> soon as X starts the projector loses sync. With WinXP running,
>> the projector works just fine.
> I have had no problems whatsoever with my Toshiba Tecra A2, when
> using a projetor. X works just fine.
> Never had a problem either with an old Compaq Presario notebook I
> used to have around until a couple months ago.
> Then again, I never got past 1024x768 with either of those.
> []s

My experience is that when I plug in the projector  while X is already
running it loses sync..basically a black screen...

But when I start X while connected to the projector it displays fine
This is a HP pavilion ze4900 (with i810 video card)...


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