[CentOS] boot with more scsi card

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bppiac.hu
Thu Nov 24 13:51:53 UTC 2005

we've got a server with a 8 port 3ware card and 2 ide system disks. now
we'd like to replace the ide disks with scsi disks or sata disks (these
also recognized as scsi in the kernel). but we can't boot from it. the
problem are twofold. first in the normal case the first scsi host scsi0
id the 3ware card, but grub only see the first 8 disk so if the system
disk are sdi and sdj the one can't boot from it. on the other hand if
one disk is removed from the 3ware card or the kernel reorder the scsi
disk and sdi become sdh which is also a problem both for the bios and
for the kernel. if i change the order in bios, the kernel still use as
3ware scsi0. if i use scsihosts kernel param or load the scsi driver
(through modprobe.conf) in a reverse order then the kernel hang forever
during the initialization of the 3ware driver.
any tip?
thanks in advance.

centos 4.2

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