[CentOS] Video Recording

Lee W lee at unassemble.co.uk
Thu Nov 24 20:52:42 UTC 2005


I would like to record some training/advertising videos, in a similar
format to those offered by CBT Nuggets (and others). Essentially this
means I need to be able grab real video (e.g. webcam or DV camcorder,
etc) as well as what is on the computer screen (VNC Recorder maybe) and

In terms of output I would like it to be in Ogg Theora format as these
seems to be supported both on Linux & Windows (though media player
plugins), it is also an open standard which beats all the other
available formats.

Does anyone have any suggestions for such a program, even if it is suite
of different programs.  My google/freshmeat search results have so far
been not very useful.

Thanks in advance


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