[CentOS] Quota and Squirrelmail

Steve Hanson shanson at cruiskeenconsulting.com
Sat Nov 26 17:59:18 UTC 2005

Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Alain Reguera wrote on Sat, 26 Nov 2005 02:59:19 -0500:
Disk Quota is a bad model for enforcing quota for email. If you need to
have quota on your mail, it's generally much better to use an
email-enforced quota, such as the quota implementation in Cyrus IMAP.
If you were to move to using the Cyrus IMAP server, the quota
enforcement would happen in the email system.  Thus, when someone goes
over their email quota, the mail will back up in the mail queue, and as
long as they go back under quota during the time you allow for mail to
be queued on your server, the mail would then be delivered to them as
soon as they get back under quota.

If you try to enforce quota on the mail in the file system itself,
you're going to have this problem.

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