[CentOS] Evolution Filters

Lee W lee at unassemble.co.uk
Sun Nov 27 12:32:11 UTC 2005


I have just switched from using Thunderbird to Evolution on Centos 4.2
for my IMAP email and seem to be having problems with the filters. The
filters I have created a really simple, such as checking for the
[CentOS] in the subject line of this lists postings. 

The filters don't however get applied automatically, I have to select
all the message in the inbox and manually select "Apply Filters" at
which point all the messages get filtered correctly. I have made sure
that the "Apply filters to new message in INBOX on this Server" is
selected but it doesn't make any difference.

Can someone advise if Evolution is supposed to work this way (as I have
come to expect from Thunderbird) or is it correct that I have to apply
the filters manually for IMAP folders.

Thanks in advance


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