[CentOS] wireless protection with mixed network and is AES or TKIP better or other??

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Mon Nov 28 17:25:40 UTC 2005


in setting up a mixed network of CentOS, WinThings, Cisco, and more... i
need a lil' feedback please re: practical wireless WPA settings...

i always just used WPA PSK and TKIP by defauly (never thought about any
issues here before, DUH!) yet i have done some reading while searching
recently and it appeared to inform me that ummmm if using WPA-PSK that one
should use AES instead of TKIP

will i have issues/problems either way with installing CentOS in a wireless
manner using AES or TKIP for that matter?

again, most of this is about AES vs. TKIP from a engineering, performance,
reliability and more standpoint... then of course CentOS integration etc...

wisdom and comments from the list please?

thank you in advance and kind regards,

 - rh

Robert Hanson - Abba Communications
   Computer & Internet Services
 (509) 624-7159 - www.abbacomm.net

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