[CentOS] Yum / Up2date issues and mirror.centos.org

Bryan J. Smith thebs413 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 29 21:33:50 UTC 2005

Peter Farrow <peter at farrows.org> wrote:
> You can always use a transparent proxy if you want inetnet
> access, but don't want all ports with direct access
> outbound...

Okay, step back a bit.  I am _not_ asking why people use
proxy services.  Going back to the SELinux thread, I figured
you'all would pick up on the fact that I _deny_all_ outgoing
by _default_.

That means there _is_ a proxy server, if not an advanced
filtering layer-7 gateway, that users _must_ go through.

I'm just saying that I don't use transparent proxy
redirection.  In fact, most of the nodes on my network are
setup with_out_ a default gateway.  That removes a lot of
issues.  ;->

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