[CentOS] CentOS mailserver and spam filter setup ideas &preferences

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Wed Nov 30 16:33:59 UTC 2005

} Ugh.. qmail. I'll refrain from spitting up too much hate about the DJB
} way of doing things here and just say "it's a functional product, but
} his way is not the right way"
} There are some excellent mail setup guides located at
} http://www.hughesjr.com/content/category/1/14/30/Guides
} They're quite good, and cover everything from intial setup to webmail
} to filtering. Well worth the read.
} Jim Perrin

thanks for input!!!

having built many mailservers i will be ok in general yet what i am really
looking for now is how is everyone here filtering "spam in languages other
than English"... most of the spam i get is in Spanish.

i am having a hard time finding it googling (other than Bayesian filters)
and i just need some searching help or direction to find so i can study up

and thing is, ummmm im willing to use sendmail yet i want my customers to be
able to admin their own virtual mailservers with a web interface... what is
everyone using there??? sendmail and ??? or qmail and ???

that is why i choose the www.qmailrocks.org system... i almost always use a
command line interface yet i wont do that for clients less they get their
own box rented or otherwise.

i do appreciate the pointers Jim as i am not fully up to speed on a few of
the newer sendmail etc configs and stuff... thanks again!


  - rh

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