[CentOS] clicking backspace in centos3 makes ^?

Bryan J. Smith thebs413 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 30 20:54:58 UTC 2005

Robin Mordasiewicz <robin at bullseye.tv> wrote:
> I connect with Putty, and then I execute "screen -D -R"
> from my screen session I ssh to my boxes.

You only see it when in ViM, but not on the command line?
Or you see it in both?

If you're only seeing it in ViM, I'm curious why ViM is not
handling the termcaps the same as the command line.

Unless you're running GViM (GUI).
Then your termcap isn't provided by the same terminal as your
command line, but your your X-Server. 

-- Bryan

P.S.  The "quick fix" to deal with backspace mapping issues
on just about any modern UN*X platform is to type:  
  $ stty erase (then hit the backspace key)

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