[CentOS] Too much memory cache being used while moving large file

Bryan J. Smith thebs413 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 30 21:57:05 UTC 2005

> Using latest firmware, yes.  I'm using the driver included
> kernel, not 3ware's - I'm unsure if this is 'right' or not

What does "modinfo 3w-9xxx" give you?

The driver for release is[fw].  If you're
not running that version, grab the driver source and rebuild,
add the module to your tree and create a new initrd.  If you
need some help in doing that, just let me know.

> - be fairly curious on your experience in this matter
> you seem to have a fair bit of 3ware experience/knowledge).

I haven't deployed but one (1) system with a 3Ware Escalade
9500S, so my exposure to the 9500S line has been limited.  I
have deployed countless Escalade 6000-8000 series products

> Thanks will look into that.  Unsure if if related to this
> problem - bugzilla link given by Joshua looks like a fairly
> likely culprit.

Yeah, it looks like it is probably unrelated to the 3Ware
card.  But still, take the time to read the whitepaper on
performance with the 9000 series -- and the couple of tweaks
they recommend.

The Linux kernel VM/buffer defaults _never_ assume there is
an on-board storage intelligence that can command and queue a
lot closer to the hardware than it can.  ;->

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