[CentOS] A minor beef

Bryan J. Smith thebs413 at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 30 22:51:43 UTC 2005

Preston Crawford <me at prestoncrawford.com> wrote:
> Huh? I don't recall really complaining about the distro.
> I'm very happy with it. Questions? Yes. Complaints?
> Not that I recall.
> Most of my complaints have to do with the way this list
> sometimes.

That's what I was refering to.  Otherwise, I am in the same
boat as yourself, you don't hear me complaining about the
distro either.  In fact, I've provided suggestion after
suggestion to select people.

> The funny thing is you're involved in those threads every
> time.

As of late, yes.  As of recent, check the archives, you might
be surprised.  More in the past, yes.  The reality is that
they happen _regardless_ of my involvement.

But give me credit.  I've listed technical option after
technical option after technical option in many.  Although
after awhile, I do sound like a broken record, I admit.

> What do you think the common denominator is?

I see the same 3-4 people questioning _lots_ of things on
CentOS.  So if you're going to point the finger at me, you've
got no less than 3-4 other fingers to use as well.  ;->

> Me or the person who has quit and rejoined the list
> times?

I have _not_ rejoined multiple times.  I've _always_ been on
this list!  Just because I don't post doesn't mean I'm _not_
helping people off-list.  ;->

> The person who has asked the moderators to make it so he
> post

Actually, that was months ago.  As of the past month, I've
decided to just post.  Some have thanked me.  Others have

> or a general lurker who uses the OS in numerous places and
> asks questions now and then?

Dude, check your history in the archives.  ;->  You might be
a little more objective after doing so.  I don't even attempt
to be or act "righteous" because I'm not innocent.  I suggest
you consider the same.

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