[CentOS] migration from redhat AS3/4

Thu Nov 17 18:39:04 UTC 2005
Bassett, Mark <Mark.Bassett at owh.com>

We have 30 or so boxes that are currently running either redhat as3 or
as4 and would like to migrate them to Centos 4.2.


We have a local centos 4.2 repository using yam.  I have in the past
updated es3 to as3 by removing the redhat-release rpm and installing the
other redhat rpm.  I realize there are virtually no differences in es
and as3, except for access to additional packages.  In any case, on the
AS4 boxes would we be able to do the same thing?  Remove the
redhat-release rpm and install the centos-release file then switch the
yum repository and update?  Or are we talking a reinstall?  


I doubt that it will work from AS3 however, but I thought I'd throw that
in as well.   


Thanks in advance,



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