[CentOS] scsi tape drive problems

Raymond Lillard rlillard at sonic.net
Sun Oct 2 23:26:54 UTC 2005

James B. Byrne wrote:
> I am experimenting with a scsi2 HP SureStore DAT24 attached as an 
> external device to an Intel P4 system.  I am attempting to create a 
> raw disk image of a dds2 tape made on a non linux system.
> My immediate problem is that I am trying to terminate a dd process 
> and having no luck.  dd was invoked thus:
> dd if=/dev/nst1 of=/tmp/disk.dds2.img bs=512 & pid=$!

... snip ...

> Short of a reboot, how do I get control of the tape drive back?  
> (once I get the drive back I will have a lot of other questions 
> regarding dd.)

I assume that your reason for an early termination is that you
want to look at some of the data w/o taking time for it all to be
read in.  If that is the case, just use the *count* arg to dd.

Sooner or later, you will need to read it all in so just do it now,

"nice" the "dd" process down and continue to use your system.

Hope this helps,

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