[CentOS] Cron script crashing server...

Mark Belanger mark_belanger at ltx.com
Mon Oct 3 11:39:48 UTC 2005

Ian mu wrote:
 > Basically I have a perl script that runs once, first thing every
 > morning, gathering some stats (currently turned off due to problem).
 > Crontab -l shows the following...
 > 00 6  * * * nice /home/statsman/stats/run_stats.sh  >/dev/null 2>&1 (.sh
 > file basically sources with full path a config with some vars, then runs
 > the perl script).

The first thing I would do to put some echos in run_stats.sh
and change > /dev/null to > /path/somefile

If you're getting as far as the perl script, put some print
statements in it.

You might try doing an strace from cron:

00 6  * * * strace -f -oOutputFile /home/statsman/stats/run_stats.sh  >/path/somefile 2>&1


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