[CentOS] Lost my menu options again - KDE messes with Gnome?

Ryan ryanag at zoominternet.net
Tue Oct 4 02:26:41 UTC 2005

On Monday 03 October 2005 05:02 pm, Craig White wrote:
> What Windows does has nothing to do with Unix/Linux.

Ok, but a fair comparison is a Windows admin who logs on as 'administrator' 
and a Linux admin who logs on as 'root'. 

While the two OS's are very different, the end result of logging on as root is 
very similar. 

>Debian (and things like Ubuntu) have it right.

I disagree entirely. So long as the user is displayed a warning indicating 
that its a bad idea to do so, I see nothing wrong with allowing a user to 
control their own system.

> It's really a poor idea. 

Ok, I have to ask. If I log in to machine *not connected to any network*, and 
I am doing admin tasks, what danger do I run that I wouldn't if I run as root 
from a terminal on a limited account? 

The Debian distros (Ubuntu, Mepis) sudo setup is way more complicated than 
necessary - it offers no more protection with significantly more headaches. 
Nothing is as pointless as forcing a user to use sudo to run a compiler. 

If I want an "admin" account and a "root" account I'll go burn my money on a 
mac. :-)

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