[CentOS] MAIL Aliases

Alexandru E. Ungur alexandru at globalterrasoft.ro
Tue Oct 4 14:40:27 UTC 2005

>>> sender: "Adriano Frare" date: "Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 09:11:03AM -0300" <<<EOQ
> Dear Friends,
> I insatlled qmail on CentOS 4.1 and now I need forward messages root to 
> other user.
> I modified file /etc/aliases but it don't work.
Of course not. You installed Qmail... and that's not... Sendmail... therefore
it has a different manual, config files, maillinglists... and fans :D

http://lifewithqmail.org/lwq.html look for section 2.8.4 "Create System Aliases"

basically, all you need to do is:
echo my_other_local_account > /var/qmail/aliases/.qmail-root    ** OR **
echo &my_other_email_address > /var/qmail/aliases/.qmail-root

Hope it helps,

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