[CentOS] Problems with Additional IP's, Sendmail, and iptables?

Mickael Maddison centos at silverservers.com
Wed Oct 5 16:38:37 UTC 2005

Hello CentOS,

CentOS 4.1 (Latest YUM)
Multiple IP's on eth0:x (1 through 150 or so)

I've noticed that whenever I add another IP address to my servers on
one of the eth0:x aliases, the IP comes up fine and restarting
pure-ftpd and apache seems to be able to use the IP straight away.
Sendmail also 'seems' to use it fine, but something odd is occuring
that I have been able to track down.

When adding the IP, any domains pointing to the IP are added to the
local-host-names file, their email aliases are all configured, and
sendmail is restarted.  The problem is, none of the aliases ever work
unless I actually reboot the entire machine.

I've tried restarting as many of the running daemons as I can, I'm
either looking in the wrong places, or there's no other choice?  On
the old RedHat machines I had, this used to work fine without a
reboot.  Any suggestions?

Best regards,
mailto:centos at silverservers.com

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