[CentOS] Boot problems

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Sun Oct 9 04:39:53 UTC 2005

My dead S-M motherboard is not so dead.  Short between the seat and 
keyboard :-) 

I'm running into some problems booting up tho.  When kudzu runs, it 
finds all the stuff from the Tyan board that the super micro board does 
not have.  I've told it to remove the configurations for all those 
things, but kudzu never goes into the probing for new devices after 
removing, but halts or hangs at "enabling swap space".  Nothing happens 
after that.  Prior to all this tho, in the boot screen I see the message 
that ACPI cannot find the RSDP ?? whatever that is.  

Ok.. this time I didn't do anything, but just let it progress into the 
bootup, and it continues and completes, gives me a login, etc., like 
everything is OK.  What should I do to get kudzu to remove all the stuff 
that is not there now, and find the new hardware?

Thanks much....



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